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Buyers Rebate, LLC 
111 2nd Ave. NE Suite 914
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Randall (Randy) Drew
Licensed Real Estate Broker
Cell (813) 296-2300

Buyer’s Agent …What it is:
Since the seller is responsible for the commission upon a closing, homebuyers do not need to pay a dime to hire a Buyer’s agent, who represents them fully & gives superb service.
When a Realtor enters into buyer agency agreement with a homebuyer, the realtor is obligated to provide them with the full range of real estate fiduciary duties.
A fiduciary relationship is one of special trust. It is similar to that of doctor and patient, religious minister and parishioner, or attorney and client. On top of the minimum level of service there are additional fiduciary/statutory duties that the realtor owes his client. See below. (Duties below are superb, but not the full list of duties. More duties are listed in the agreement )

Disclosure of material facts relevant to the transaction.

Loyalty to the client / buyer (above even himself or herself).

Confidentiality of information that may potentially harm the client—now and always.

There is No fee to buyer. The seller pays the selling realtor (buyer’s agent) as is typical in the transaction. A win- win … you get a fiduciary relationship … a buyer’s agent on your side and not the standard arrangement where the realtor does not fully represent your interests.
This helps homebuyers to “not sweat” the transaction, by having the realtor fully on their side.