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Buyers Rebate, LLC 
111 2nd Ave. NE Suite 914
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Randall (Randy) Drew
Licensed Real Estate Broker
Cell (813) 296-2300

Being a millennial and being used to doing a lot of my own research, I am so glad I met Randy and his family. He and his sister are the second generation of a real estate family, and it shows. It is in their blood. I have purchased two homes with their service and couldn’t be happier. Any questions that I had were answered in depth and in a language that I could easily understand. They kept the ball rolling promptly to ensure a smooth closing. I almost used one of those closing companies that I kept seeing on a television ad. I am so happy I chose not to and chose to go through Randy for my home purchases. Not only did he beat the TV guys on the rate, he genuinely had my best interests in mind.

 Mike Conte


When people have financial decisions to make that could affect their financial lives for years to come … I highly recommend Randy Drew.  I have known Randy and his family (Real Estate office starting in 1961) for years. He holds three professional licenses (Real Estate, Mortgage loan officer, EA (tax specialist)) and uses all his wide and vast experience(s) to dig into each person’s situation and thoroughly help them and their families.

Bruce Howry, Bank branch manager.


I have known Randy Drew for many years. Randy is exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with very complicated real estate and mortgage transactions. He has the unique ability to find the absolute best solution for his clients while maintaining a “can do “attitude in all situations. Randy understands just how to fit all of the “pieces of the puzzle” together that will result in the best overall outcome for his clients. I have had the pleasure of dealing with many real estate and mortgage professionals over the years but, in my opinion, not one of them really understands every facet of real estate and mortgage transactions to the level that Randy does. Randy has represented me in many real estate transactions from beginning to end, advising me exactly how to title both commercial as well as residential properties, selecting the proper insurance policies, and communicating with the title companies from the effective dates of the contracts all the way until closing . 

I highly recommend Randy for all of your real estate and mortgage needs. Randy’s honesty and integrity are second to none as well as his experience and expertise.

Morgan S.